And She Made Not a Single Neopoint That Day...

Hello! I am Kitty. Now 16. I've been playing Neopets since I was a little girl and recently picked it up again. I'm quiet nice, so if you want to talk to me feel free! My Neopet name is NekoXgirl13 :]
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Grundo: Fav Pre/Post Conversion


Favorite Pre-Conversion

Grey Grundo

He looks like he’s been through hell in life and saw someone that maybe just maybe he could be friends with. He spends an hour working up the courage to talk to them and manages to mutter a meek “…hi…” They don’t hear him and walk off and he descends further into depression.

Favorite Post-Conversion

Halloween Grundo

This is the reaper of badass, complete with his own scythe. He brings death to neopets even though they won’t officially realize that death exists. Don’t sell him as just a cold killer though, he has a wonderful range of emotions such as:



“I’m going to murder you.”

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w-wait. camo poogle watchu doin’


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this is you

this is me


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A musical moment, brought to you by The Dark Side.


A musical moment, brought to you by The Dark Side.

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i lost my green grundo plushie on apple bobling, and that’s like my favorite plushie my grundo’s favorite plushie. but then i found a green grundo plushie on a store and it was like, only 20 NP. i may never tell my grundo what actually happened. like when a fish died, arnd the mom buys another fish just the same for the kid.

The kid always knows.

Your Grundo will know.

Story time: Growing up I had a goldfish. She was my first pet and since I was an original three year old, I named her goldy. And I had her for like, ever. No joke. I mean, I had that fish for years. And she was a stupid carnival fish that my sister won me. Every morning I’d get up and she’s be swimming around in her little fish bowl and every night I’d go to bed and she’d still be swimming in her fish bowl.

I don’t remember how old she was when she finally kicked the bucket, but it was a loooong time after I got her.

A few years ago I was talking to my older sister about Goldy and she was like, Dude you seriously didn’t know? And I was like, know what? And she told me that Goldy died all the time and my mom and dad would go out and get another fish to replace her. I was PISSED.

Lesson: Sometimes kids don’t know. But their siblings will tell them. Then they will be pissed.

Another story time!

My friend’s sister went through college living in dorms. They had a fish (A fighting fish or a goldfish maybe?) named Revy. Revy is a strange name for a fish and the way he got his name is just as strange.

One time after they got Revy they were trying to come up with a name. One of them had an energy drink (Rev or something.) and put about half of the can in the bowl. Now most fish would die from that, but now Revy. He just went on swimming around, probably boosted by the effects. This went on for 4 years (I believe it was a 5-year program or something.)

One day, my friend’s sister came in and Revy was just floating there. Not swimming, just…floating. Immediately she believed he was dead, as did all the other roommates. When going to tell one of the girls their pet had died, she came in listening to her music or whatever. She danced, poured a bit of the Rev energy drink into the bowl and REVY CAME BACK TO LIFE SWIMMING AROUND.

Revy lived for another month or two before he passed away. They tried the same thing with other fish of his kind, to no avail. They would only last at most 3 months.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you’ll get magic fish that will live through anything.

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Let’s better discuss how you should address me… ‘you’ is unacceptable. ‘Your Highness’ on the other hand… Works just fine.  


Let’s better discuss how you should address me… ‘you’ is unacceptable. ‘Your Highness’ on the other hand… Works just fine.  

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  • Pickup line: I'm a multi-millionaire...
  • ...on Neopets.
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When I was in 5th grade, my bff and I merged our Neopets accounts.
She had 2 pets, I had 2 pets, so WHY NOT RIGHT?

Well, I remember this specifically, our combined bank total was 41k.

And it worked out wonderfully at first.

But that kind of money does things to people.

Before I knew it, I was funneling money out of our account and into my own new, secret account. But I had good lies; most of them were “your pet got sick so i bought medicine and it was like 3k :( :(“

I had just about bled that bitch dry when one day my grandma sold me out.
My friend came over, and my grandmother told her “Bree’s downstairs, just go on down~”

I didn’t even know she was behind me

but she caught me red handed.

We didn’t talk for months, and it was no one’s fault but my own. I’d gotten crazy with greed and power.

That’s what Neopets can do to a man.

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